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Ceramic Pro: All You Need to Know

ceramic pro

What is Ceramic Pro?

It is a clear liquid nano-ceramic coating that creates an extra protective layer once applied to the surface of your vehicle. It protects the surface of the car, extends its longevity, and significantly eases maintenance.

What is Ceramic Pro Used For?

It is used to improve and protect the exterior of your vehicle in multiple ways:

1. Extreme gloss:

CP deepens the colour and flattens the clear coat, which results in enhanced shine of the car.

2. Protection:

CP protects the surface of the car from elements of the environment that can damage the paint, such as acid, iron, bird dropping, and UV light.

3. Scratch Resistance:

CP hardens the clear coat of the car which results in higher resistance against light scratches.

4. Water Stains:

CP prevents formation of water stains, keeping the exterior of your car looking brand new.

5. Hydrophobicity:

Due to its hydrophobic effect, Ceramic Pro significantly reduces the amount of time needed to wash your vehicle. Because of lower surface energy, dirt, dust and tar don’t stick to the surface, keeping your car clean for longer.

How Long Does It Take to Apply?

Application of CP is a multistage process with curing time required in between stages. Depending on the package you choose, installation will take from 6 to 18 hours (1 to 3 business days).

How Long Does Ceramic Pro Last?

Depending on the package you choose, CP coating will stay on your car from 6 month to 5+ years.

What Does Ceramic Pro Cost?

We offer different packages to meet different budgets. Price of CP ranges from $350 to $2500, depending on size of vehicle and selected package. Please note that paint correction is an additional cost, it may be required/recommended prior to CP installation

Is It Safe for Paint?

Ceramic Pro is completely safe for paint. Moreover, it is beneficial to have CP on your paint, because it helps keep its original condition.

Can It Be Applied on Vinyl or Paint Protection Film?

There is a line of Ceramic Pro products designed specifically for Vinyl Wrap and Paint Protection Film applications. However, this product cannot be applied to Matte Vinyl Wrap and Matte PPF, because Matte effect will be altered by CP high gloss properties.

What Else Can Be Treated?

CP can be applied on almost anything. In fact, all exterior packages include application on wheels, exhaust tips and windows. Entire interior of the car can also be treated with CP to protect it from spills and dye transfer.

What is Ceramic Pro Rain?

It is a product that was specifically designed to treat glass surfaces. It provides very high hydrophobic effect that improves visibility while driving in rain. CP Rain also makes it easier to remove ice from windows, and keeps your windshield significantly cleaner.

Does Ceramic Pro Protect the Car from Scratches?

While CP makes surface of the car scratch resistant, it doesn’t make it scratch proof. If you are looking for a solution to protect your car from rock chips and deep scratches, consider using Paint Protection Film, which specifically designed for that.

Does Ceramic Pro Help Heal Scratches?

CP does not fix existing scratches, swirls or dents on the car. Surface of the car may need to be polished (paint correction process) to ensure best results.

Where to Buy?

CP is only sold to certified installers and shops through CeramicPro distribution channel. It’s unavailable to general public or in retail stores.

Can I Apply Ceramic Pro Myself?

Absolutely not. It is a professional product that is sold only to specialists that are trained to work with it. If you somehow get a hold of CP to install it yourself, chances of bad installation are extremely high. We strongly recommend to not instal Ceramic Pro yourself, since chances of mishandling it are quite high.

Who Can Install Ceramic Pro?

Only installers certified by Ceramic Pro can perform installation. We have completed such certification, and have worked on multiple projects. Contact us to get a FREE QUOTE for your Ceramic Pro needs.

How do I Maintain a Coated Vehicle?

There is no special maintenance required. Usual maintenance of the car still applies to CP treated car. You can safely use same soaps and procedures to wash your car… only it will be much easier to do!

How Does Ceramic Pro Compare to Wax?

CP provides a much longer lasting effects. It seals the clear coat much better than wax. It also provides a longer lasting self cleaning effect.

Do I need to Reapply CP and How Often

The shortest lasting CP package will stay on your car for 6 month. After 6 month expire, you can bring your car back for another application of the same package, or you can choose to upgrade for a longer lasting effect.

Can I Wrap a Coated Vehicle?

You cannot wrap over Ceramic Pro, since due to its low surface energy Vinyl Wrap simply won’t stick. You need to make sure the coating is removed before wrapping your car.


If we haven’t answered all of your questions, and you still need more information about the service, please feel free to get in touch with us, as we will answer all of your questions!