How is Vinyl Wrap job priced

In this blog post we will attempt to explain the Vinyl Wrap price range that you can see when getting quotes from different places to get your car wrapped. The following factors are considered when the quote is being created. 


One of the components of price for your vinyl wrap job is material. It accounts for about 20-30% of the total price of a wrap job (for high quality premium materials). That said, it is important to know what kind of material a wrap shop is using for your projects. One of the practices used by some shops is working with low quality vinyl material in order to increase profit margins.

Cheap vinyl brands often use water-based adhesive. This adhesive bonds extremely well to the surface of the car, and that results in extremely labour intensive removal process. Most of adhesive stays on the car and requires a ton of work to remove it. Sometimes, vinyl wrap film with this adhesive can even pull off paint during the removal. This results in car having to undergo a costly restoration process. By saving money upfront, you are risking to spend a lot more later.


Another way of being able to complete wrap jobs at a lower price point is to hire cheap labour. In vinyl wrapping industry there is a saying that goes: “Almost anyone can wrap a car that will look good for a day, but only some can deliver outstanding and long lasting results.” Vinyl wrappers without proper training are often not aware of proper cleaning, disassembly and wrapping procedures. As a result, there is a much higher chance of short lasting results and damage to the car. Wrinkles, bubbles, vinyl lifting due to overstretch or inadequate cleaning are all issues related to an unskilled wrapper. 

But the worst thing that can happen when you give your car into the hands of an unskilled wrapper is paint cuts. To lower labour costs further, shops can start cutting corners and skipping steps in procedures that are essential for completing a perfect wrap. Professional installers will have superior techniques and knowledge of the material that allows them to execute vinyl wrap projects with high quality and efficiency, without cutting the paint and breaking clips. 


Lots of professional high skilled installers constantly update and polish their wrapping skills by acquiring industry certifications. 3m and Avery offer courses that help installers to get better at what they do. Those courses provide installers with techniques necessary for completing an impeccable vinyl wrap job. Installers are investing a lot of time and money into their education, which results in a superior quality of jobs. Those jobs cannot be priced the same as jobs completed by someone who doesn’t possess the same level of knowledge and expertise. 


It’s always a good idea to take a look at the vinyl wrap shop before making a final decision. Cleanliness and organization are two major factors that affect the final result. It is typical for a cheap wrap shop to cut on costs of shop supplies. Certain risks that will compromise the quality of your wrap are associated with lack of proper tools, lack of heating and contamination control. Higher end wrap shops stand behind their work. Many offer a lifetime installation warranty that cover all installation related problems such as lifting, bubbles, etc.

The bottom line is, if you want it done professionally, it will cost more, but you can be sure your car is properly taken care of. We all have that one “friend who can do it cheaper”, but is it really worth it?