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We are Vancouver Vinyl Wrap Specialists, and we are here to help transform your vehicle! Vinyl Wrap is an alternative to car paint, designed to provide you with flexibility when it comes to customizing and personalizing the look of your car. In addition, it also protects the original finish from minor damage. It is a thin flexible film that comes from the factory with specially formulated adhesive on the back. This adhesive safely adheres the film to the surface of the car.

The Vinyl Wrap film itself is very flexible, and with certain manipulations it takes shape of whatever it is applied to. As a result, you get a paint looking finish! Wrapping your car will give you endless options to choose from such as colour, finish, design and printable patterns. Creativity is the only limit! But if you don’t happen to be very creative, don’t worry – we can help you with that too! Wrapping your car in Vinyl Wrap will help you truly stand out on the roads of Vancouver!


Vancouver vinyl wrap options

Extensive Options

Vinyl Wraps come in a great variety of colours and finishes. So it allows you to fully customize the exterior of your vehicle. Available in Gloss, Matte, Satin, Chrome, Brushed, or Carbon Fiber, you can pick the colour and finish which best represents your personality and style.

Vancouver vinyl wrap technology

Innovative Technology

Wrap films are flexible and stretch easily to take shape of anything we apply them to. The air channels allow for air to travel under the film for an even distribution. Therefore allowing for bubble-free installation. In addition, slideable adhesive makes the film easy to manipulate and reposition.

Vancouver vinyl wrap installation

Quick Installation

As opposed to paint, Vinyl Wraps do not have a long curing period. As a result, it allows for a quicker installation, in comparison to paint. The whole process typically takes around 3 days on average. Size and complexity of a project might slightly alter installation time. However, wraps typically don’t take more than a week.

Vancouver vinyl wrap safe for paint

Safe For Paint

We pride ourselves in only working with high quality Vinyl Wrap Manufacturers, like 3M and Avery. These films are completely safe for paint, and will not damage the surface of your car.

Vancouver vinyl wrap

No Commitment

Vinyl Wraps are fully reversible. If at any point you decide you do not want to keep your wrap for longer, we can remove it within a few hours. After that you can pick a new look!

Vancouver vinyl wrap warranty

Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind our work, which is why we provide a lifetime installation warranty for all of our Vinyl wraps. In addition, there is a 5 year warranty for the materials used.

Vinyl Wraps We Do


Why be like everybody else, if you can be different? Give your vehicle a complete makeover and stand out on the roads of Vancouver with full exterior Vinyl Wrap. Turn heads and stand out in the crowd. Pick among variety of colours and finishes and find the one that expresses your character and personality the best!

Our Full wraps include coverage of all exterior areas of your vehicle. We perform seamless installation, and execute a strict quality control process to ensure the final result is impeccable. For us, if it doesn’t look like paint, it’s not good enough.


Customize the look of your vehicle without breaking the bank! Chromedelete, also known as dechrome, is a great way to freshen up the look of your car, while keeping your spendings to a minimum.

Dechrome is a custom wrap of chrome trims of your vehicle. Available in gloss, matte or satin black. However, if you are up for something a little bit different, we have a variety of textured films that would make for great chromedelete accents! It can be done by itself, or in a combo with any of our other services.



Are you ready to truly stand out? Adding texture to your Vinyl Wrap is one of the best ways to truly make your car unique! Aegis Paint Shield is one of the very few Vancouver Vinyl Wrap shops who are currently offering this service.

We have developed our own embossing technique, which allows us to place any pattern under your Vinyl Wrap and create a beautiful embossing. As a result, the pattern is not only visible through the wrap, you can feel it two. It creates a 3 dimensional pattern, which makes your car truly unique. Additionally, you can fully customize the pattern to your liking!

embossing vinyl wrap


Vancouver vinyl wrap Avery

Avery Dennison is a world leader in adhesive technologies, display graphics, and packaging materials. Vinyl Wraps by Avery feature soft, subtle hues and bold, bright colours to achieve a wide variety of custom effects. Premium vinyl vehicle wraps from Avery Dennison combine style and performance. As a result, its versatility and easy application allows for a stunning transformation of any vehicle. 

Vinyl Wraps by Avery feature excellent conformability around curves and recesses. In addition, they provide faster installation and higher quality results thanks to its Easy Apply adhesive technology. This technology also allows for an ease of removability, even after long term use.

Vancouver vinyl wrap 3m

3M is a multi industry conglomerate, originated in the USA. Vinyl Wraps by 3M feature an extensive portfolio of over 100 colours and finishes. From regular Gloss, to stylish Mattes, to head turning Chromes, 3M offers a wrap for any personality.

Vinyl Wraps by 3M are specially formulated for an automotive application. Like so, the adhesive formula leaves minimum to none adhesive residue after the film is removed. Its unique features allow for a film to be slideable and repositionable. As a result, it significantly eases the installation process.

Recently 3M introduced a new series of Vinyl Wraps, – 3M 2080 series. The series features a protective layer on all gloss colours. This layer is left on the film during the whole installation process, and is removed after the instal is complete. As a result, it protects the wrap from scratches and any damage, to deliver pristine result.



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