CeramicPro coating

What Is CeramicPro

ceramicpro coating


CeramicPro is a clear liquid nano-ceramic coating that creates an extra protective layer once applied to the surface of your vehicle. When cured, it forms an invisible shield that makes the surface of your car extremely shiny and hydrophobic. It can be applied as a finishing procedure for your Paint, Vinyl Wrap, or Paint Protection Film.

CeramicPro Technology Explained

Once cured, CeramicPro creates a clear glass shield, which has a hardness above 9H. In comparison, a regular clear coat has a hardness between 2H and 4H. CeramicPro nanoparticles fill in the smallest pores in the paint, making the surface shiny, smooth and slick. The glass shield created by it protects the paint from fading and aging due to its UV and anti-oxidization protection.

CeramicPro Benefits

Ceramicpro applied to Mercedes hood


Clients often ask us about the benefits of CeramicPro, and if it is a treatment worth getting. Our answer is it depends on your expectations. If you are looking to extend the life of your paint, increase the shine, make the surface slick and glossy, protect the car from water marks and significantly cut down the maintenance time, – then the answer is definitely yes!


One of the primary benefits of CeramicPro is that it cuts down the washing time and frequency due to its self-cleaning effect. The treatment significantly reduces surface energy, making it much easier to maintain your car. Dirt, dust, bugs and bird droppings won’t easily stick to the surface of your car, and if they do, is is very easy to simply wipe them off.

Water Resistance:

Decreased surface energy after CeramicPro treatment results in surface becoming extremely hydrophobic. As a result, water and everything it could be mixed with (salt, dirt, debris) will start beading off the surface as opposed to staying on it. As a result, your vehicle will come out clean even when driving on a very rainy day.

Extreme Shine:

After the coating is applied, you will see a difference in appearance of your car. CeramicPro makes the surface of your car shiny and glossy, while also making the colour pop!

UV Protection:

Another great feature of CeramicPro is that it protects the colour of your vehicle from aging and fading. The exterior of your vehicle will remain looking brand new for years, when properly cared for.

CeramicPro and Vinyl Wrap

CeramicPro can be applied not only over paint, but also over Vinyl Wrap. When applied as a finishing procedure after your wrap is complete, it helps to preserve the original colour and finish, and extends the life of your wrap. It will not only protect the condition of your wrap, but will also make it significantly easier to maintain by adding hydrophobic feature to the surface of your wrap.

ceramicpro for vinyl wrap

CeramicPro and Paint Protection Film

CeramicPro also works great when applied over Paint Protection Film. While the two have some similar properties, they are not identical, and do serve different purposes. Paint Protection Film protects your vehicle from scratches and rock chips. CeramicPro, while providing some degree of protection, won’t sustain the same amount of damage as PPF. We often add CeramicPro as an extra procedure on top of PPF, to create an extra glass shield, and prolong the life of your Paint Protection Film. It also adds self cleaning and hydrophobic properties to your PPF.

CeramicPro Application

CeramicPro has a variety of applications, providing you with a solution not only for your exterior, but for the whole vehicle.


CeramicPro Rain can be applied to all glass surfaces of your vehicle. It allows water to roll off glass, drastically increasing visibility. It keeps glass cleaner for longer. Prevents icing due to lower surface energy. Fills scratches and swirl marks. CeramicPro Rain makes it significantly easier to drive in the rain, as water simply rolls off glass.


CeramicPro is also great for the interior of your car. It repels liquids, protecting your seats from accidental spills. Protects the colour from fading. Minimizes aging of leather. Prevents seats from stains, and stops dye transfer from your clothes onto the seats. It comes especially handy when the interior of your car is light in colour.


CeramicPro, when applied to wheels and callipers, reduces the amount of dirt and dust that typically accumulate in these areas.

CeramicPro Packages

We offer 3 CeramicPro Packages based on your needs and expectations.

Gold Package consists of 4 layers of Ceramic Pro 9H applied to the vehicle’s paint, providing permanent protection with a lifetime warranty.

Silver Package includes 1 layer of Ceramic Pro 9H applied over the vehicle’s paint, providing protection from the elements and a 5 year warranty.

Bronze Package consists of 1 layer of Ceramic Pro Top Coat applied over the vehicle’s paint. This coating protects against light scratching and provides a beautiful glossy finish with a 2 year warranty.

All three packages come with an additional layer of protection is added to exposed areas including windshield and wheels.

Let us know what level of protection you’re looking for, and we will find the best package for your needs!

What It Doesn’t do

It is important to know that CeramicPro is not a solution to protect your vehicle from major scratches or rock chips. It can protect the exterior of your car from minor scratches, however Paint Protection Film is a better solution for someone looking for a higher level of surface protection.