Tesla Wrap

Due to an increased popularity of Tesla wrap, we have decided to take an extra step to fulfil the demand for Tesla specific services. We have dedicated a part of our business to offer Tesla specific Vinyl Wraps, Paint Protection Film Wraps, and Ceramic Coating. We are continuously working on polishing our skills and providing Tesla Owners with the best quality wraps in the industry! With a great number of Tesla projects in our portfolio, we are happy to provide our customers with 100% satisfaction and perfect quality work! In addition, we offer a lifetime installation warranty for all Tesla services, meaning you don’t have to worry about your wrap not looking its best!

Tesla Wrap Services We Offer

Tesla wrap full

Full Tesla Wrap

Tesla Vinyl Wrap is a great way to make sure your car stands out among the rest! With so many Teslas on the road, why be like everybody else? Pick from a variety of available colours and finishes and customize your car to be truly unique. Available in Gloss, Satin, Matte, Metallic and chrome, our seamless wraps with paint-like finish will definitely make you a star!

Tesla wrap chromedelete

Chrome Delete Tesla Wrap

Chromedelete is a great way to customize the look of your car without breaking the bank. Complete coverage of all chrome areas can be done in gloss, matte or satin black. If you are ready to make your car truly unique, we have a variety of textured wraps that make for a great chromedelete accents! All of our Tesla Chromedelete packages include window trims, mirror bases, cameras, handles and badges.

Exterior PPF Tesla Wrap

Tesla paint is notoriously known for its not so perfect quality. Protect your Tesla with Full or Partial PPF wrap, and keep the paint safe from scratches, rock chips and scuffs. We are offering multiple PPF packages, depending on the level of protection you are looking for. Choose among Full Front, Partial Front, Full PPF or Custom Package to get the protection you need!

interior Tesla wrap

Interior Tesla Wrap

You are no longer limited to only exterior Wraps. We can protect the interior of your vehicle with PPF to keep it safe from finger prints, accidental spills and damage. In addition, we offer Interior Vinyl Wraps, which can truly customize the look of your vehicle not only outside, but inside as well!

Ceramic Pro Rain

Tesla cars have lots of glass, and Ceramic Pro Rain helps keep it clean while significantly improving visibility! Driving in Vancouver can be annoying, specially in the rain. Ceramic Pro rain treatment reduces surfaces energy of glass, which results in water simply rolling off the surface, allowing you to see better.

Ceramic Pro Coating

Ceramic Pro applied to the exterior of your vehicle helps keep it clean and shiny. It significantly eases maintenance, preventing dirt, dust and bird droppings from sticking onto your vehicle. Ceramic Pro can be applied directly on paint, or over existing vinyl or PPF for extra protection and improved cleaning.

Tesla Projects We Have Recently Completed

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