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Vinyl For Wrapping Cars

When it comes to vinyl for wrapping cars, there are multiple options for you to choose from. There is a great number of manufacturers, colours, textures and finishes that can truly transform the look of your vehicle. It can be hard to navigate through them and find the perfect one for you. In this blog post we talk about different types of vinyl wraps that exist on the market, their benefits and disadvantages, all in hopes to help you find the wrap that’s perfect for your needs.

Vinyl Wrap Finishes

When it comes to finishes, there is a wide selection for you to choose from. The most popular finishes of Vinyl Wraps are Gloss, Gloss Metallic, Matte, Matte Metallic, and Satin.


Gloss wraps are by far the most popular type of vinyl for wrapping cars. It is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a paint like finish. They come in a wide range of colours, and look like paint once installed. Solid colours with no sparkles or flakes, they reflect a lot of light and make your car shine even on a gloomy day. Gloss wraps work perfectly for those who are looking for a uniform and coherent look. Luckily, vinyl wrap manufacturers constantly update and increase their library of Gloss Wraps, so that you can stand out even when going for the most popular finish. Gloss Wraps are relatively easy to maintain. You can wax or treat Gloss Wrap with CeramicPro to increase its durability and enhance the colour.

gloss vinyl wrap

Gloss Metallic

Gloss Metallic wraps are a slightly modified version of Gloss Wraps. When you look at gloss metallic wrap closely, you can notice tiny little metallic flakes, which are added to vinyl during manufacturing process. The effect that flakes create is especially noticeable when you look at the car under direct sunlight. This finish adds more depth to the surface, and replicates the look of metallic paint.


Matte Wraps are exactly that, – matte. They absorb light, and typically don’t reflect much. Although gaining more popularity, matte wraps are still more rare than their glossy alternatives. Due to matte finish, colours of matte wraps tend to be less vivid and not as pronounced. Because the surface reflects little amount of light, matte wraps tend to accentuate body lines better, and draw more attention to curves. Something to keep in mind when going with matte wraps is that the maintenance is a little different. Matte wraps cannot be waxed or coated with CeramicPro or any other type of sealant, or else they will loose their matte appearance. Matte wraps also tend to show marks and fingerprints easier, so if you are picking a matte wrap, you should be ready to clean your car more frequently. On a positive note, we have noticed that matte wraps have a lower surface energy in comparison to gloss wraps, therefore, water and snow don’t stick to the surface as easily.

matte black wrap

Matte Metallic

If you want a metallic look, but can’t stand the gloss finish, – matte metallic is your choice! While still relatively non reflective, matte metallic wraps feature tiny metallic particles, which add an extra depth to the colour of your wrap, making it appear more interesting and dimensional.


Satin wraps stand somewhere in between gloss and matte wraps. If you can’t decide between gloss or matte, definitely go with a satin finish. It is the best of both worlds. Satin wraps are not as shiny as gloss wraps, but they reflect more light than matte wraps. Satin wraps in a way resemble a look of a satin shirt, making your car look very sophisticated and classy. It is almost as if your car was wrapped in silk. Satin wraps reflect some light, but in a subtle manner, which accentuates its sleek look. The maintenance of satin wrap is also relatively easy, since there is a much lower chance of fingerprints staying on the surface. Similar to gloss wraps, satin wraps can be coated with ceramic solutions or waxed.

satin vinyl wrap

Vinyl Wrap Textures

For those looking for something even more unique, vinyl wrap manufacturers have developed a series of textured wraps, with Brushed Metal and Carbon Fibre vinyl being the most common ones.

Carbon Fibre carbon fiber vinyl wrap on mirrors

Carbon Fibre vinyl wraps resemble the look of carbon fibre material, so widely popular among car enthusiasts. There is now an option of grey, black and white carbon fibre. Although it is hard to imagine a whole car wrapped in this material, it is quite popular to wrap mirrors, spoilers or hoods in carbon fibre to create that look without breaking the bank. While installing, carbon fibre has to be handled carefully, as it is easy to disturb the pattern by overstitching the material, or not aligning it properly. There is nothing worse than a poorly installed carbon fibre wrap.

Brushed Metal

Another not so commonly used material, brushed metal wraps have a metallic appearance with added texture, that resembles scraped metal. Brushed metal wraps make for a cool accent pieces, and are available in a limited variety of colours. Unique three dimensional light reflection of brushed wraps creates an expensive look.

Specialty Films Series

Colour Flip Wraps

Recently, vinyl wrap manufacturers came up with a new type of vinyl wraps, – colour flip wraps. These wraps feature not one solid colour, but a combination of multiple colours, that change depending on the angle you look at the car. Colour flip wraps have to be handled very carefully, as they are directional. Depending on the material orientation, different hue will be more or less pronounced. An installer has to keep this nature of material in mind, and instal all pieces unidirectionally. If mishandled, a colour will not be flowing in one direction, and it might look like parts of the car are wrapped in different colours. It is a definite show stopper when installed properly! 

Chrome Vinyl Wraps

Chrome vinyl wraps are the most expensive wraps on the market. They are completely reflective, and look like your car is wrapped in glass! Chrome wraps tend to be hard to install, can get scratched easily, and are harder to handle during the installation. If you are going with a chrome wrap, make sure you are dealing with a highly skilled installer who handled chrome wraps before. Chrome wraps also tend to show fingerprints, so you need to spend extra time to make sure your car looks clean. When installed, chrome wraps look absolutely beautiful! Paint Protection Film and CeramicPro are highly recommended to preserve its mirror like finish.

chrome wrap


Avery recently introduced a new line of finishes for those who are not afraid to stand out. Diamond wraps are gloss wraps with an extreme amount of sparkles! Diamond wraps reflect a lot of light, and sparkles shine in the sunlight making your car turn heads and stop traffic. You might want to wear sunglasses when looking at it on a summer day!

diamond vinyl wrap

Regardless of what type of vinyl for wrapping cars you pick, we can help you bring your vision to reality! Contact us today, and lets create something beautiful together.