How to Take Care of Your Vinyl Wrap?

One of the most frequently asked questions that we get after a wrap installation is complete is how to take care of your Vinyl Wrap. In order to extend the life and appearance of your vinyl wrap we have put together a set of Vinyl Wrap Care instructions for you to follow.

Pressure Wash

You can pressure wash your car, but make sure to take precautions. Do not bring spray nozzle too close to the surface of the car. Avoid using high pressure on edges, where panels meet and on seams.  We do not recommend using an automatic car wash that uses brushes. Brushes may scratch the wrap or catch the wrap’s edge and create a failure point.

Hand Wash

Hand Wash is ideal for a wrapped vehicle.It helps to get rid of dirt and any other residue. When washing your car please follow the below steps:

1) Pre rinse: Using a hose, rinse the whole wrap with clean water. This helps remove the loose dirt particles and helps avoid scratching the graphics.

2) Wash: Gently wash the vehicle with a mild soapy water solution using a soft cloth or a synthetic or natural sponge. Start from the top of the vehicle and work your way down. Avoid abrading the surface with unnecessary scrubbing.

3) Rinse: Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

4) Dry: Let the wrap dry naturally. To avoid water spotting, use a silicone squeegee to remove water, then finish drying with a microfibre or soft, nonabrasive towel.

Waterless Wash

If the vehicle is not overly dirty, this is the preferred method.  Waterless wash products can help maintain the gloss level and performance of the film. Before using any new product on your wrap, be sure to test them in an inconspicuous area of the vehicle. Contact us to purchase products to wash your wrap


Use a mild car cleaning detergent and water mix that does not contain any strong soluble substances, alcohol or abrasive components. The detergent should have a pH balance between 5 and 9.


Vinyl films that we use at Aegis posses self-healing properties. When you apply heat to the surface of vinyl film, it will trigger the memory feature that will bring film into its original shape and tension. Light scratches can be self-healed by triggering the memory of vinyl film. You can use steamer or heat gun for that.  That said, you don’t need to polish your wrapped car.


If your wrap is gloss, you can wax your car, as long as the wax does not contain petroleum distillates, which is found in many paste waxes. Products that are a combination of a waterless wash and wax are great options as long as the vehicle isn’t excessively dirty. Test the wax on an inconspicuous part of the vehicle first. Please note, you should not wax your wrap if it has a matte finish. 


It is optimal to park your car in covered parking spot (underground). Just like paint, vinyl is also affected by UV rays and its colour will slowly fade if car is often exposed to prolonged and direct sunlight. Negative effect of UV light can be minimized with CeramicPro coating or PPF.

PPF and Ceramic Pro

Both PPF and CeramicPro can be installed over a wrap. These products work great together with vinyl wrap. While vinyl wrap protects the paint of the car, PPF and/or CeramicPro will be protecting vinyl from the environment. CeramicPro will help protect vinyl from elements, acid, water stains, bird droppings etc. It will also make the wrap much easier to clean and maintain. CeramicPro cuts washing time in half, allowing you to forget about waxing the car. PPF will add extra resistance against physical impacts such as rockchips, scratches and shopping carts.

We hope you fined these Vinyl Wrap Care Instructions helpful, and your wrap stays looking brand new for years to come!

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